Happy July Greater Falls Farmers’ Market

The long days of Summer have arrived, bringing with them Summer’s bounty.

The sunshine that has finally arrived this week is making all the plants out there that survived the rain now bustle with growth. The sunsets the last few evenings have reminded me of the wonderful shades of color that tomato plants will soon bring to us. This week the summer squash and zucchinis have arrived! In time for all that wonderful grilling you are up to.

Hetty Green Park will fill with music this week thanks to our farmer friend, Daniel Hartigan. So many people enjoy his wonderful vocals–you are sure to as well. Friends for Change, a local group geared to creating activity and fun for local school aged children, will be doing just that at the Farmers’ Market for all children who happen by the market. There has been soccer, toss, hula hoops, face painting, and other fun organized by Friends For Change. The ever popular “Scavenger Hunt,” an opportunity for children to learn from their local farmers will also happen. Children who participate in the Scavenger Hunt receive a GFFM Buck to spend at the market–how fun! This program is run by our amazing GFFM volunteer, Holly Bartel.

This week our vendors include:

A Homesteaders Cooperative Westminster, Vermont
Locally produced foods, crafts and farm products are featured at this table, with a lively group of folks working together to bring you great offerings. Each week what is at these tables changes a bit, as crops come in and ingredients change so there is always something new to see. This week, so far what is available follows: Next Generation Edibles’ will bring their Beet Relish, Pickled Squash, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Radish Jelly, Orange Ginger Rhubarb Jam, and the LAST FEW JARS of Violet Jelly and Lilac Jelly; The Peppertorium’s heat from Patrick’s line of hot sauces–I often have his Red Coat Relish on eggs with toast in the morning; Amber Paris’s handmade, all natural toys, wearables and home decor items; as well as Eventide View Farm’s eggs, herbs, and garden starts; and Trip, Trap, Troll Farm will have tomato and tomatillo salsa, relish and FRESH BAKED pita bread. Also, duck eggs and dryer balls are available at the Homesteader’s Cooperative. Stop by and talk with Lise about her adventures over at Trip, Trap, Troll Farm as she will be at the table this week. Friend of the Market Special: Next Generation Edibles, Buy any 2 Jams/Jellies take $1 Off, Eventide View Farm, Buy 2 Herb Bunches, Take $1 Off

Black Locust Farm Walpole, New Hampshire
A family endeavor, Daniel and Kira will offer great fresh drinks, plants, shrubs, and farm produce. I’ve stocked up with garlic scapes from their table…bought a whole bag and cooked it in practically everything for the week! Thanks, Kira and Daniel.

Café 7 on the Square Bellows Falls, Vermont
The focus over at Café 7 is on local foods, so ingredients come from local farms and bakeries. Jonathan will be happy to tell you where he sources any particular ingredient you are curious about. At the market Café 7 will have salads, sandwiches, cookies, chips, beverages, and other café made eatables. Friend of the Market Special: Free Polar Seltzers with Salad or Sandwich Purchase

Daddy’s Girl Soap Bellows Falls, Vermont
Have you tried Carol’s handmade soaps yet? If you have not, you most definitely need to stop on by her table and chat a bit about the importance of using natural soaps–not just for your own benefit, but also for the groundwater drinking supply. Mass produced soaps contain many things that are not what we want to see going into our grey water and then into the groundwater drinking supply. Carol uses real ingredients in her soap–go on and talk with her about it.

Grandview Gourmet Westminster, Vermont
Beautiful, delicious breads made Friday–it doesn’t get much better. Dylan dreams up the most lovely combinations. I’m sure you are all wondering how the bread pudding kit turned out…well, it was amazing. We chopped up four bananas and added it to the mixture–super delicious!

Harlow Farm Westminster, Vermont
A local favorite for local and organic, Harlow Farm brings a fantastic variety of produce each week. Their jams and salsas all made on the farm are also a huge hit at the market–blueberry jam anyone? This week, Harlow’s will have delicious greens, strawberries, summer squash, zucchini and beets. Yummy, yummy beets–I can’t wait to make pickled beets, beet salad, beet and carrot slaw.

Joanna Alix Watercolors Bellows Falls, Vermont
Each week, Joanna will bring to us her whimsical and fun original watercolor paintings and notecard prints (in two sizes: 2.5″x2.5″ and 4″X6″). Her art has a wildlife and nature theme. Joanna will also be offering a Friend of the Market special: $3 Off a Purchase of an 8×10 Print

Our Place Bellows Falls, Vermont
Our Place does so much for our local community and stopping by this booth and buying a treat or two will help support them in all the philanthropic work they do. Some of you may not know that Our Place often uses locally gleaned ingredients in the foods they prepare. Supporting Our Place truly means supporting local.
Pete’s Stand Walpole, New Hampshire
This local favorite will have lettuce, kale, spinach, beet greens and swiss chard at this week’s market, as well as local honey. Stop by and stock up, then let us know what you create with these fresh, beautiful produce. Pete’s Stand’s Friend of the Market Special is 10% off Leafy Greens

The Angry Duck Bakery South Newfane, Vermont
Gluten free and enjoyable? The Angry Duck Bakery achieves both gluten free and not just enjoyable but scrumptious. Cupcakes, eclairs, savory scones and Bundt cakes will be available. Eclairs…I’m certain the one I purchase won’t leave the Park.

See y’all at the Market.

Keeping it local,
Janice Leary-Jones
GFFM Manager

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