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As we take a moment to celebrate all the hard work we have put into the world surrounding us, and reflect on our contributions and relax a little bit this Labor Day Weekend, let us also celebrate the community we are a part of–working together to create what we have. Some of our local businesses and groups will be at the Farmers’ Market this Friday from 4-7pm to bring you local farm product, food, and goods. The Farmers and Food Artisans have been working all season to bring you the best that our local community offers, and there are many jobs that go along with that–there is the person at the Farmers’ Market you interact with, the farmhands and farmers back at the farm, the local stores’ employees who folks get their supplies from, the feed stores and more. Our vendors understand that by supporting other local businesses, we strengthen our community. Join us at the Hetty Green Park this Friday and celebrate our local jobs and community with us.

This week, we will continue our “6 of 8,” program. What is “6 of 8?” Three weeks ago, we began a new program in an effort to thank you all for supporting your Farmers’ Market. Please don’t forget to stop by the market table and sign in if you are a part of the program. (Thusfar, prizes include a $20 Gift Certificate to Harlow’s, $20 Gift Certificate to Pete’s Stand, $20 Gift Certificate to Vermont Elderberry, $15 Gift Card for Joanna Alix’s Notecards or Prints, a Gorgeous Piece of Citrine from Windham Antiques, and the book New Healing Herbs and re-usable produce bags from our sponsor Village Square Booksellers).

Remember, if you use your SNAP/EBT benefits at the market, you can get an additional $10 free in Crop Cash. Stop by the Farmers’ Market Tent to get your EBT tokens and Crop Cash.

Friends for Change is back! After a few weeks away, Friends for Change will be back at the market leading up children’s activities. Great fun for all involved. The ever popular “Scavenger Hunt,” an opportunity for children to learn from their local farmers, will also happen at this week’s market. Children who participate in the Scavenger Hunt receive a GFFM Buck to spend at the market–how fun!

Interested in learning more about the Farmers’ Market? Watch Fact TV’s The Feed’s Wednesday interview of Market Manager, Janice.

This week’s Vendors include:

1UP Mushrooms Westminster West, Vermont
What happens when you take straw and inoculate it? Gorgeous, versatile pearl mushrooms for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The last couple of weeks I’ve had quite a number of people mention to me how wonderful the mushrooms they found at the market have been–find out for yourself this week. Every week I leave the market with at least one carton and always find the perfect meal to incorporate it in. Sometimes the mushrooms are the star of the dish, other times a beautiful side note.

A Homesteader’s Cooperative Westminster, Vermont
With all of the plants producing great bounty, there sure is quite a lot happening at A Homesteader’s Cooperative. Fermenting, canning, cooking, preserving all takes time and love–and this group is investing both to make sure we can all enjoy this summer’s harvest. This week, so far what is available follows: Next Generation Edibles’ will bring their Wasabi Beans, Dill Pickles, Mint Jelly, Radish Jelly, Pickled Jalapenos, Bread and Butter Zucchini Pickles, and Beet Relish as well as Coconut Curry to eat at the market; Peppertorium’s heat from Patrick’s line of hot sauces, and peppers–lots of sweet peppers at an amazing price; Amber Paris’s handmade, all natural toys, sun bonnets, wearables, home decor items, jalapeno jelly; and chili to eat on a chilly summer day; as well as Eventide View Farm’s eggs, tea and herb blends, toothpowder and fresh cut herbs; duck eggs and dryer balls are available at the Homesteader’s Cooperative from Blue Swede Farm. Patrick of the Peppertorium will be at the Homesteader’s Cooperative this week. He can tell you all about how he grows up his peppers and then turns them into the sauces he makes–there is a sauce for any occasion! Friend of the Market Special: Eventide View Farm, $2 Off Toothpowders

Black Locust Farm Walpole, New Hampshire
Black Locust Farm focuses on local and sustainable. As part of their focus on sustainability, Daniel has made rain barrels from a recycled food grade drums–which means you can gather rainwater to water your garden rather than rely on your well or town water. As always, Kira will have delicious beverages–ask her about these traditional drinks, the stories are interesting. This week Black Locust Farm will offer some of their hand-crafted tinctures. Knotweed, shitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, chaga mushroom and hawthorn berry tinctures will all be available. These tinctures all have their own wonderful healing qualities, some of which are used to help combat Lyme, others support heart health. Please inquire with Kira if you are interested in how these tinctures made from locally harvested or homegrown ingredients can enrich your health. Friend of the Market Special: $2 Off a 2 or 4 oz. Tincture
Black Locust Farm Rain Barrel

Grandview Gourmet Westminster, Vermont
To market, to market…to buy Dylan’s delicious breads! Fresh or frozen–so incredibly delicious. I stock up at the market, keep one out and freeze the rest for the week and take them out one by one as needed. With the fabulous variety Dylan bakes up, it adds fun to the week.

Harlow Farm Westminster, Vermont
Harlow Farm has an abundance of crops ready to travel home with you. Celebrating 100 years this September, this local favorite is sure to have something you want to go home with–or something to enjoy at the market now that they are grilling up sausages and hamburgers.

Joanna Alix Watercolors Bellows Falls, Vermont
Each week, Joanna brings to us her whimsical and fun original watercolor paintings and notecard prints (in two sizes: 2.5″x2.5″ and 4″X6″), as well as her wonderful wit and charm. Her art has the most adorable wildlife and nature theme, that she brings forth on the medium to make us all smile and laugh at the quirks these animals all have. Joanna will also offer a Friend of the Market special: Free Cardinal Notecard with any Purchase

Local Artist Jack Peters Saxtons River, Vermont
Jack crafts his silver works in a bucolic setting right over in Saxtons River. With such inspiration for his art, it is no wonder it is so stunning. These are pieces of art that get noticed. Jack enjoys talking about his craft, so if you are at all curious, go on and talk with him about how he works with silver.

Mirasol Farm Langdon, New Hampshire
What a picture perfect array of produce Mirasol Farm brings to our Farmers’ Market. They are working hard just on the other side of Fall Mountain to bring you nutrient-dense vegetables farmed with as little ecological impact as possible. This week you will see beautiful cabbage, lettuce, beets, basil, cucumbers, and more. Oh, and their farm specialty, GARLIC. Lots and lots of garlic. Friend of the Market Special: Garlic 2 for the Price of 1

Our Place Bellows Falls, Vermont
Our Place does so much for our local community and stopping by this booth and buying a treat or two will help support them in all the philanthropic work they do. Some of you may not know that Our Place often uses locally gleaned ingredients in the foods they prepare. Supporting Our Place truly means supporting local. A special thank you to the Our Place volunteers who donate their time at the Farmers’ Market each week.

Pete’s Stand Walpole, New Hampshire
So many friends stock up at Pete’s Stand each week to make their preserves, salsas and the like–sometimes I wonder if I should garden less and go to Pete’s more! We are glad to have Pete’s Stand at the market, so we can enjoy their summer bounty brought to us at the park. This week, at Pete’s Stand’s booth will be corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, spinach, lettuce, kale, cantaloupe and watermelon, summer squash, eggplant, and local honey. Friend of the Market Special:15% Off All Produce

Stage 33 LIve Bellows Falls, Vermont
One of our extraordinary sponsors, Stage 33 Live, will be at the Farmers’ Market this week to share with us what is being created over at 33 Bridge Street to support local music and arts as well as science and humanities. Curious? Go on and talk with Mark about the vision and space.

The Angry Duck Bakery South Newfane, Vermont
April uses seasonal ingredients to whip up some of her dessert delights. Last week, I got to sample some of the apple spice bundt cake–pure deliciousness. Who knew gluten free could taste so amazingly decadent. If you haven’t tried out The Angry Duck Bakery yet, please do–you won’t regret it.

Vermont Elderberry Putney, Vermont
Do you know about the immunity enhancing properties of the elderberry flowers and berries? Ask Gino why elderberry is such an important native shrub. This week Gino will bring to market, elderberry tonic, dried elderberry and dried herbs. Gino will have potted elderberry bushes, which are not only beautiful but can help you stay healthy year round. Looking for native perennials? Gino will have some of those, too. Friend of the Market Special: Free Drink with $10 Purchase

See y’all at the Market.

A Big Thank You to our Sponsors, STAGE 33 Live, Chroma, Durand Ford, Bellows Falls Downtown Development Alliance, Village Square Booksellers, Vermont’s Local Banquet Magazine, Greater Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce, and WOOL-FM

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